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Welcome to https://slotsmansion.com/ (the ‘Website’)


1. Plurality in Action: We, Us, Our

Plural first-person pronouns—We, Us, or Our—serve as navigational signposts, guiding users to the entity orchestrating the symphony of SlotsMansion.com.

2. Defining the Landscape: Services

Services encapsulate the digital offerings bestowed upon users by the Company through the Website.

3. Users Unveiled: You, Your

Users, addressed as ‘You’ or ‘Your,’ represent the vibrant community interacting with the Website by registering an Account or simply exploring its realms.

4. Sweet Temptations: Cookies

Cookies, those short text files, are delicately placed on users’ computers by the Website or third parties during their digital sojourn.

5. Adhering to Regulations: EU Cookie Law

EU Cookie Law, stemming from directive 2002/58/EC, stands as a digital code of conduct, shaping how cookies are handled in the digital landscape.

6. User-Crafted Mosaics: User Generated Content

User Generated Content encompasses written content, pictures, videos, and diverse forms of expression contributed by users to the Website.

General Terms

  1. Information Oasis, Not Gambling Provider

Slots Mansion is an oasis of independent information, extending guidance to those intrigued by online casinos. It distinctly disclaims any role as a provider of online gambling services.

  1. The Dynamic Landscape of Information

While the Website endeavors to provide accurate information, the volatile nature of the online gambling milieu prevents a guarantee of absolute accuracy. No liability is assumed for any damage stemming from the information.

  1. External Links and Divergent Paths

External links beckon users to third-party websites. The Website maintains a hands-off approach to third-party content, emphasizing user responsibility in understanding the terms and conditions of external websites.

  1. Consent, the Linchpin of User Engagement

By accessing and using the Website, users extend their consent to abide by the Terms and the Privacy Protection Policy, signifying an understanding and acknowledgment of these guiding principles.

  1. The Age Requirement Stipulation

By accessing the Website, users, as natural persons, explicitly affirm that they are a minimum of 18 years old and possess full legal capacity.

  • The 18-Year Age Benchmark

Access to the Website is strictly prohibited for individuals under 18 years of age or below the legal age for online gambling in their jurisdiction.

  • Jurisdictional Compliance

Users shoulder the responsibility of ascertaining the legality of online gambling in their jurisdiction, taking into account any age-related restrictions.

  • User Responsibility

Users bear the sole responsibility of evaluating the legality of online gambling in their jurisdiction and ensuring compliance with all pertinent legal requisites.

Links on SlotsMansion.com

1. Providing Gateways:

The Website serves as a gateway to various other websites, expanding the digital landscape for users.

2. User Caution:

While the linked websites undergo detailed review, SlotsMansion.com acknowledges the lack of control over their content.

3. Content Responsibility:

SlotsMansion.com disclaims responsibility for the content on linked websites.

4. User’s Due Diligence: Users are advised to read the privacy policy or statement of other websites before utilizing them

Data Collection at SlotsMansion.com

Automatic Data Collection: At SlotsMansion.com, the intricacies of data collection are seamlessly woven into the user experience, enhancing the virtual journey. Here’s a breakdown:

Insights from Interaction: Your visit generates a digital footprint automatically. This includes details like your IP address, visit dates, times, and interaction patterns with the site’s content.
These insights play a crucial role in refining and enhancing the Website’s content and features for an optimized user experience.

Cookies: The orchestra of data collection plays through cookies, harmonizing with your browser settings. This automated collection ensures that user preferences and behaviors are considered, offering a tailored experience.

Fortifying Your Data

Protecting your digital identity is paramount at SlotsMansion.com, with a focus on robust technical and organizational measures:

Guardians of Security: Your data finds a sanctuary on secure servers, shielded from unauthorized access. Access to this treasure trove of information is restricted, with only authorized Website administrators holding the keys. In the realm of digital dynamics, user privacy is sacred at SlotsMansion.com:

Your personal information is not a commodity for trade. No sharing, renting, or selling of user data takes place. This commitment underscores a user-centric approach, prioritizing confidentiality and trust.


Users are advised to read the privacy policy or statement of other websites before utilizing them.

Savoring the Flavor: The Website may gracefully place and access certain Cookies on your computer, akin to adding a touch of sweetness to your browsing experience.

Tailored Indulgence: These chosen Cookies are carefully selected, reflecting a thoughtful curation to ensure privacy protection and respect for users’ preferences.

Harmony with Legal Tunes: The usage of Cookies aligns with the prevailing EU Cookie Law, harmonizing the digital symphony with legal tunes.

Cookie Controls: Users wield the power to enable or disable Cookies through their internet browser settings, offering a personalized control panel.

While users have the freedom to delete Cookies, a gentle reminder echoes the potential loss of saved information, akin to cleaning the cookie crumbs but bidding adieu to saved efficiency.

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Last update: October 11, 2023

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