Richard Bean


Richard is an accomplished and results-driven professional with extensive experience in the iGaming industry. As the Site Director at Slots Mansion, he spearheads the affiliate marketing strategy, driving growth for the company.

With a background in digital marketing and a deep understanding of the online casino landscape, Richard has a proven track record of building and maintaining strong relationships with affiliate partners. He excels in developing innovative marketing campaigns and implementing effective strategies to attract and retain affiliates.

Richard is passionate about staying abreast of industry trends and leveraging emerging technologies to enhance the affiliate program’s performance. He brings a strategic mindset and a collaborative approach to his role, working closely with cross-functional teams to achieve business objectives.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and is dedicated to driving success in the dynamic and competitive online casino industry.

Looking for an expert casino content writer?

Daniel Dainty

Casino Analyst

Daniel is a dedicated professional with a passion for online gaming and a talent for providing insightful casino reviews. With extensive experience in the online casino industry, He plays a crucial role in helping players make informed decisions about their gaming experience.

As an Online Casino Reviewer, Daniel meticulously evaluates and assesses various online casinos, scrutinizing factors such as game selection, user experience, payment methods, customer support, and overall reliability. He strives to provide comprehensive and unbiased reviews that offer valuable insights to players seeking the best gaming destinations.

Daniel possesses a deep understanding of the online casino landscape, keeping abreast of industry trends, regulations, and emerging technologies. He leverages this knowledge to deliver reviews that are both informative and relevant to players of all levels.

With a background in journalism, content creation, or a related field, Daniel excels in crafting engaging and informative casino reviews that resonate with audiences. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and is committed to upholding high standards of integrity and professionalism in his work.

News / Article Writer

Lauren Wilson

News / Article Writer

Lauren is a seasoned writer with a flair for producing compelling content in the online casino industry. With a passion for gaming and a talent for storytelling, she plays a pivotal role in delivering engaging and informative articles and news pieces to readers worldwide.

As an Online Casino Article/News Writer, Lauren covers a wide range of topics including industry trends, game reviews, regulatory updates, and player tips and strategies. She excels in crafting well-researched and engaging content that resonates with both casual players and industry professionals alike.

Lauren brings a wealth of experience in journalism, content creation, or a related field to her role, along with a deep understanding of the online casino landscape. She stays abreast of the latest developments in the industry, ensuring that her articles and news pieces are timely, relevant, and insightful.

With a commitment to accuracy, integrity, and professionalism, Lauren strives to provide readers with valuable information and perspectives that enhance their understanding of the online casino world.

Affiliate Communication Specialist

Jacob Walsh

Affiliate Communication Specialist

Jacob is a skilled communicator with a passion for fostering strong relationships and driving collaboration within the online casino affiliate community. With extensive experience in affiliate marketing and communication, he plays a vital role in facilitating effective communication and engagement between online casinos and their affiliate partners.

As an Online Casino Affiliate Communication Specialist, Jacob is responsible for developing and executing communication strategies that strengthen relationships, increase engagement, and drive results. He excels in crafting clear and compelling messages that resonate with affiliate partners, keeping them informed about promotions, updates, and opportunities.

Jacob brings a wealth of experience in affiliate marketing, communication, or a related field to his role, along with a deep understanding of the online casino industry and the affiliate marketing ecosystem. He leverages this expertise to deliver targeted and effective communication that enhances the affiliate experience and drives mutual success.

With a commitment to excellence and a collaborative approach, Jacob strives to foster a positive and productive relationship between online casinos and their affiliate partners. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field, and is dedicated to staying abreast of industry trends and best practices in affiliate communication.

Online Gambling News Writer

Alexander Brown

News Writer

Alexander is a dynamic journalist at the forefront of delivering up-to-the-minute news coverage in the rapidly evolving world of online gambling. With a finger on the pulse of the industry, he plays a pivotal role in keeping readers informed about the latest developments, trends, and events shaping the online gambling landscape.

As an Online Gambling News Writer, Alexander brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of insights to his reporting, covering a diverse range of topics including regulatory updates, market analysis, new product launches, and industry trends. He excels in providing accurate, comprehensive, and engaging news coverage that resonates with both industry professionals and casual enthusiasts alike.

Alexander has established himself as a trusted source of information in the online gambling community, with his articles featured in leading publications and websites across the industry. He leverages his extensive network of industry contacts and his deep understanding of the online gambling landscape to deliver news stories that are timely, insightful, and relevant.

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for storytelling, Alexander strives to uphold the highest standards of journalism in his work. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Communications, or a related field, and is dedicated to staying abreast of emerging trends and best practices in online gambling news reporting.

Sports Betting Content Writer

Harry Singh

Sports Betting News Writer

Meet Harry, your go-to source for the latest developments in the world of sports betting. With a passion for both sports and statistics, Harry brings a unique perspective to every piece they craft.

Born and raised in a sports-loving community, Harry developed an early fascination with the intricacies of various games and the strategies behind them. This curiosity led them to pursue a degree in statistics, where they honed their analytical skills and learned to dissect data with precision.

After graduation, Harry found their niche in the fast-paced world of sports betting journalism. Combining their love for sports with their expertise in statistics, they began writing insightful articles that provided readers with valuable insights and analysis to inform their betting decisions.

With a keen eye for trends and a knack for uncovering hidden gems, Harry has quickly become a trusted voice in the sports betting community. Whether it’s breaking down the odds for an upcoming game or offering expert tips for maximizing profits, they always deliver information that is both informative and entertaining.

In addition to their writing, Harry is also an avid sports fan who enjoys watching games and following the latest news and developments. This passion for sports fuels their writing and allows them to connect with readers on a personal level.

When they’re not busy analyzing stats or watching games, you can find Harry exploring new hiking trails, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, or spending time with their family and friends.

With their expertise, passion, and dedication to delivering quality content, Harry is your trusted source for all things sports betting.

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